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Our family has addressed Congress–in a pettition

So, I am transcribing this manuscript, and I found that John Keith, son of John Keith, who is the son of Alexander Keith, b1681.  I found out that he signed a petition from Kentucky setters.  Arthur L Keith noted:

John Keith, Jonathon Harned, and others signed an undated petition of Kentucky Settlers, presented to the Continental Congress, Aug 23, 1780, praying for relief in regard to the conditions for taking up land.

So, I jumped on line and found this from CC Aug 23, 1780:

Journals of the Continental Congress, Volume 17 Page 760 of 808

So It does exist!  And at the bottom is a note that the actual document is in some file, and I’d love a copy, so to have John Keith’s Signature.  Anyone nearby??  Thanks!