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The Manuscript of Arthur L Keith on Alexander’s family

My brothers and I have been transcribing the Manuscript I have copied from Microfilm found in the LDS Genealogical Library.  We’ve gotten about 50 of the total 140 some-odd pages. I thought I’d share what we have transcribed so far.  On the top of the page is a link to the first 88 pages of the manuscript if you would like to download and look at them.


If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know, I’ll have you transcribe a few pages.  It takes about 20 minutes to do a whole page.


Arthur L. Keith

Arthur L Keith wrote at least one manuscript, and some notes on the family. I just found real life copies of his book in Ft. Wayne, IN at the Allen County public Library. There are two things of interest there:

* Alexander Keith of Baltimore, MD – I think this is the book I have microfiche scans of. I’d like to see a better copy though, since mine was really dicey.

* Notes on Enoch, Cox, Keith, Larue, Chenoweth, Bean and related families.

I found the ONLY copies of these items is there, so I talked to my dad about taking a trip in November there. So begins the collecting!

This is a new beginning for Keithklan.net I need to get this together so we can really do some genealogy!! This is David Keith, 7th great grandson of Alexander Keith of Baltimore, MD, 1682, and we think originally of Edinburgh, Scotland.