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Alexander Keith Death record

So, I have hoping for names and burial locations, etc etc….no go. Some preacher in St. Anne’s Parish in Ann Arundel made note that Alexander Keith died on the 2 July

My wonderful Sister in Salt Lake City, went and found the actual document in the LDS Family History Library.

Alexander Keith Death Record

Alexander Keith Death Record

The Manuscript of Arthur L Keith on Alexander’s family

My brothers and I have been transcribing the Manuscript I have copied from Microfilm found in the LDS Genealogical Library.  We’ve gotten about 50 of the total 140 some-odd pages. I thought I’d share what we have transcribed so far.  On the top of the page is a link to the first 88 pages of the manuscript if you would like to download and look at them.


If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know, I’ll have you transcribe a few pages.  It takes about 20 minutes to do a whole page.


Family Founder in the US

Alexander Keith, b 1681 Keith Family Founder

Alexander Keith is my (David Keith b 1978) 7th Great grandfather. What an amazing lineage! I cannot believe I am able to trace my roots back that far. So, in an endeavor to go even farther, and to connect with family from all over, I have sought to make this website available and seek out those who I have found who are interested in him and his work. These links are the culmination of any thing I could find and I post them here. If you have any others (and especially if you want to be included on this list) This is for anyone with knowledge, links, etc.

* Arthur L. Keith, was a professor in South Dakota and renown genealogist. He did massive research in the Harned family and did a great work with the Keith family in a manuscript I found on film at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are currently working to type up this manuscript to be used as a resource for all.

* The Keith Family Genealogy Forum has a forum for all types of Keith genealogies. I haven’t had much luck there for our line, but I’m going to change that.

* This is theForfar Forum, which is the surname of Alexander’s father in law who also came to Scotland.

· If you’re going to study any of the Keith lines in America, an invaluable resource and to one which I relied heavily is Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keith & Keeth Families in North America. There are a few errors that I have found through research, but it’s only meant to be a guideline. You can still order it and also find many links to other Keith resources here. The man who collaborated the work is always watching the Keith Forum, and you’ll see his comments everywhere.