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Alexander Keith Genealogy Project

Welcome to KeithKlan.net, the family and geological site dedicated to the descendants of Alexander Keith, b 1681 in Scotland, and migrated to Ann Arundel in Maryland. This web site is for the completion of his family tree from him(and his ancestors) to us living today.

Alexander Keith’s descendants were roughed out in the the book: “Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath, and Keeth Families in North America” compiled by Larry Keith. The book is now sold out, but there are some around. Larry Keith’s site is KeithClan.com.

The goal of this project is to create a resource similar to Larry Keith’s book, but exclusively on the descendants of Alexander Keith, b1681. I’d like to include all of us who are living so that we can have links across the nation to our families.

For tools we have 1st, a forum of communication. The Forum is for we as family to communicate, have fun, get to know one another and really get into the genealogy work we’ll up against. Sign up with to get in with us and discuss our family.

Next, there is the wonderful program called: “The Next Generation” which will allow us to up load and match and merge our family histories. Hit the “Genealogy” link on the left and set up an account to start browsing what we have.

Last, we have a couple of family pages and resources, that we the Keith’s, have fun looking at and doing. Check them out.

We’ve made some major breakthroughs recently in finding the link to Scotland. Please look at the genealogy and see what we’ve found! We first believe that the idea of Kincardenshire, Scotland was somewhat of a myth, and we have linked Alexander Keith to Edinburgh, Scotland.

So here we link our families and are attempting to put them all together in one large genealogy.


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