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The Keiths and the Lincolns

So, aparently, Abraham Lincoln and the Keiths are tied in an interesting way: They were neighbors, and one of the Keiths was present at his Birth.

Jacob Keith (son of William Keith, 7) was born September 13, 1776, died June 6, 1830. He married Rebecca Hodgen, October 10, 1803, his [page 58] second-cousin. She was born November 4, 1784 and was the Daughter of Robert Hodgen for whom Hodgenville, Larue County Kentucky was named by his wife Sarah Larue, daughter of Isaac Larue of Frederick County Virginia. In a suit in Frederick County brought in 1824 by certain pairs of Isaac Larue versus other heirs, Jacob Keith and his wife Rebecca are named as heirs. Jacob Keith’s mother was Elizabeth Larue but the connection here is through his wife and not himself. They located in present Larue County, Kentucky about three-quarters of a mile from the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Rebecca Keith was in the Lincoln home the day Abraham was born, rendering such service as a neighbor women were accustomed to render in these times in the complete lack of Physicians. Jacob and Rebecca Keith’s children were almost certainly playmates of the boy Abraham Lincoln. Jacob Keith lived here after the Lincolns departed. In 1828 he was living in Harrisons County Indiana, after his death the widow Rebecca married her brother-in-law Gen. John Thomas.

COOL, huh? we’re in George Washington’s survey Book, and now this!

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